ehhhhh i give up for now i can’t figure out how to phrase dialogue i am going to sleep and maybe i will dream it all up and then not have to be creative anymore

We could get high in Miami, dance the night away
People never die in Miami, that’s what they all say

i’m trying to write a nsfw shinara fic w/ trans arakita because there was nothing that was Exactly what i wanted but man am i bad at writing

i feel so bad about my memory issues because i ask questions i already know the answer to so much and i annoy everyone………..


Mobile Suit Gundam Doujinshi from 1980s by circle NAKANO, on sale at Mandarake webshop

I always find the idea that fangirls ruined Gundam franchise at Wing, Seed and 00 extremely funny. Tomino (at his book signing in Chicago in 2006) himself said that girls were noticing the original TV series a lot earlier than the boys were, because of the characters. The boys started noticing it when the toys started coming out. But if you don’t believe me, here area few exhibits:

Gundam fangirls are as old as Gundam.

kenma has arrived and i am in love

i need to put that “i want arakita to step on me and call me trash” screencap in my about no phrase has ever fitted me more


Matias Santa Maria


im 5 followers till 100 on here Woah