The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), dir. Wes Anderson

i do not ever want to read cis dude will graham fics get that shit away from me


jen giese

untitled, 2012

alt-j – breezeblocks


Alt-J /// Breezeblocks

Please don’t go,
Please don’t go
I love you so,
I love you so,
Please break my heart.

pleated skirt (NAVY)


nge2 it’s like a coffee place basically there’s also like sandwiches and donuts and muffins and shit it’s p nice i guess

i think it’s similar to dunkin donuts?? idk if i spelled that right but that’s mostly it shrugs

stripes bother my eyes so much but i’m on mobile 98% of the time so i can’t blacklist it and no one tags it anyway so :/